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Through the tactile power of impasto oil paint, my artworks delve into the sphere of spirituality, inviting a transcendent connection with the divine.

My passion is to get under the skin of the natural world and share this in an honest and visceral way through my art.

I am based in the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, England.

VISCERAL impasto


A new collection of transformational art works



  • I'm thrilled with the painting! Thank you for all your care and skill in creating it and the thoughtful touches you've included. It's such a vibrant, positive and happy painting. The view over Swanage Bay is very special to me and I know that I'll treasure this painting for the rest of my life.

    Iain London
  • I love Stephen Bishop’s work - his creations speak to my soul & lift my spirit with a smile, like a best friend would. This piece is “Beneath the Waves’ and is so very me. As a relatively new open water swimmer in Dorset, I knew when I saw it that it was me being taken to a blessed, happy place …along the waves… to so much peace in a noisy world. Art is so very important in our lives, always…and even more so in these unstable, unknown times. I can never express enough gratitude for this magnificent painting and I will always treasure it. Thank you Stephen - very much.

    Lynnette London
  • I have five amazing oil paintings by Stephen Bishop which hang in my Dorset home. Each one is very different to look at but they all have a great variety of colour and texture and create a depth of feeling and story. They bring me joy!

    Cinda Dorset
  • We first saw Stephen's work at an Open Studio event in Purbeck. Since then, we have kept in touch and have been to a number of Exhibitions and Open Studios. It is always a pleasure to view Stephen's work; his use of colour and technique make his paintings uplifting, inspiring and exciting. His invocation of place (at first, Spain and now our beloved Purbeck) gives his work special meaning for us. The paintings we have bought are part of our landscape. If only we had more wall space! Thank you, Stephen. We look forward to seeing more.

    Juliette Sussex
  • My husband and I have been collecting Stephen’s work for years and would collect more if space allowed. We love how Stephen evokes time, place and feeling in each work, and of the location or situation that inspired him. Whatever the image, the sincerity behind the work shines through - and grants you a fresh vision each time you look - which we never tire of doing!

    Beverly Eype, West Dorset
  • Stephen has incredible talent. His work is truly special. One could almost fall in to the tranquility of my pieces. I love Stephen’s artistic ability to calm the soul, evoke emotion and stir memories. I absolutely adore my artwork by Stephen Bishop, as do its many admirers!

  • Our guests were mesmerised by your painting ‘Path to the Sea’, it received a lot of attention during dinner, everyone thought it had been painted by an artist who was clearly at the very top of their game.

    Mike and Debbie
  • With summer now long past, "what remains" is now firmly part of the establishment in london.... A great reminder of Corfe, and a wonderful work. Hopefully the setting does it justice.

    Graeme and Giulia London and Corfe Castle

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