yellow halo painting in bedroom visualisation
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If you are unsure of how an artwork will look your home or office; I can help with this. I can very easily create a realistic view, showing any painting to scale in your home. The photograph above shows an example of this. It is a great way to get a better feel for how a painting will look on your own wall.

All that is required is a photograph ...

Dissolution in situ in Bristol
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Dissolution.jpg Photograph of the painting "Dissolution" which is oil on canvas 41 x 102 cm.

Receiving a testimonials and photographs of sold paintings in their new homes is always very welcome. It gives me an image of where they are hanging and a sense ...

The Bluebell Woods⁠ 70cm in diameter⁠
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IMG_2926 copy.png

The photograph above was taken by my clients to show the commissioned painting The Bluebell Woods⁠ in their new home which they have built themselves. They have kindly agreed to share their testimonial below. The work is 70cm in diameter⁠, oil ...

Purbeck Tracks
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I am excited to share with you the second of my Highlights series.

It is an interesting process to recall how I made these works and what they mean to me.

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I would love to share my new Highlights feature with you.  In which, I will highlight one painting per month starting in July 2021.  I will give the background story and insights about an individual painting. This is a chance to go into a bit more depth and give you a glimpse behind the scenes. As well as the process that made it and what the painting ...

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